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This is a QVE protection card.
Technology that makes a differenced

The QVE protection card is a disinfectant produced with eco-friendly CLO2.
It is a powerful antimicrobial agent that releases chlorine dioxide
into the air after opening, sterilizes the environment,
and fights 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and COVID19.
It's an effective and safe technology.
You'll always have a lot more protection.

"Already all ready!!"

QVE is a must-have product of this era and protects you everywhere.

Quake the Virus to Escape.

We are QVE Korea a company
built to provide wellness, health and safety.
We are looking for the best technology every day to create
the most innovative products
in the field of sterilization and hygiene.

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Chlorine Dioxide Certification (clo2)

QVE Certification

Quake the Virus to Escape

leading into the wolrd QVE

QVE is Quake the Virus to Escape. Products that can protect
themselves from viruses and germs, It is a must-have item of
this age in life. QVE CO. Ltd., Produce stable products through
self-automating process and conducting continuous R&D.
Using solid-type chlorine dioxide made from oxygen dioxide
as a raw material, virus prevention effect and
stability were considered as the top priority.
QVE which adds design and practicality to the basics of virus
prevention, is a made in Korea product that runs from
proven raw materials to all production processes.



Quake the Virus to Escape.

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